Fire Alarms

What is a Fire Alarm System?

A fire alarm is a system made of a number devices, which utilizes visual and audio notification to alert people about a possible fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide presence in the covered area. Automatic fire alarm systems are activated through smoke or heat sensors, also known as fire detectors.

How a Simple Fire Alarm System Works

An ionization smoke detector senses electrically charged particles (ions) to detect smoke in the air. Once that occurs, the alarm is triggered. Over time, the sensor emits the light through the optical detector's chamber. If the light detects numerous smoke particles passing through it, then an alarm is triggered.

Bottom Line:

Having a quality fire alarm system is crucial to the health and safety of those in the building as well as those in close proximity and the community in general. We at Adamant Technologies take your safety seriously, which is why we are committed to superior installation, inspection and serving of your fire alarm systems.